At Ministry Institute, we aim look to admit students who exemplify excellence in all areas of their life. Upon
receiving student’s transcripts and written application, we interview every one of our applicants in person. We
believe the combination of our application and interview gives us the best chance to fully assess how qualified a
student is for our program. We value character and integrity and are looking for students who want to grow in all
areas of their life.

Upon acceptance into the Ministry Institute, each prospective student will apply to Southeastern University for admission into one of its degree programs. For more information, visit the university’s website.

●      The 2017-2018  tuition on average was $12,300. This price reflects a full-time student and includes housing and a missions trip.

●      Southeastern University is an accredited institution and eligible to receive federal financial aid and student loans to cover the cost of the program.

●      For more information on financial aid, visit the university’s website.

●      Students are eligible to use any scholarships that can be awarded directly to the student or Southeastern University.