Ministry Institute students have the opportunity to rotate through every department of Puyallup Foursquare Church, giving them the chance to see all the areas of ministry as well as seeing how a large church is able to function and operate from an organizational standpoint.  Students will help plan, organize, and run adult and youth conferences and events at Puyallup Foursquare. Additionally, they will attend an offsite conference. Ministry Institute students will have the chance to apply their ministry training hands-on by participating in and leading High School and Junior High services and devotional groups. Students will be an integral part of Junior High and High School on-campus ministry teams as well.



Creative Arts Team

Serve behind the scenes with the lighting, sound, and production.

United Generation (UG)

Serve at our youth and young adult services.


Serve and be involved with our children’s ministry.


Serve and be involved in planning events for Ministry Institute.


Serving with our team that oversees our promotions and graphic design.

North and South Campus

Serves with our North and South Campus teams at both locations.


Serves with our Human Resource, Facilities, and Finance departments.