Ministry Institute students will have the opportunity to live on campus, helping them get the true college experience. Students get the privilege of living on campus in our family style housing, top of the line dorms. Ministry Institute’s tuition costs cover housing and all utility costs. Ministry Institute dorms give students the ability to learn what it is like to live on their own in a safe and controlled environment. Dorms come furnished with beds and basic furniture and are significantly bigger than a standard college dorm room.


Ministry Institute students have Resident Advisors who look after them throughout the year. Ministry Institute provides a staff family and support staff family to serve as Resident Advisors to every individual dorm.

Resident Advisors provide support in many different areas for students throughout the year and are invited to participate in community-based events with students.


Throughout the year Ministry Institute will host and fund a variety of social events to create a community feel among our students and staff. These events typically occur once or twice a month and range from a barbecue to a movie night and everything in between. A team of upperclassmen students lead and organize events in addition as well.

Ministry Institute students receive a YMCA membership and are encouraged to utilize it.